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Cheju (or Jeju) is an island province of South Korea.  When we got there, we discovered that (as we suspected) there was very little to do near the port.  As a result, we had booked one of the few ships tours in English.

The tour started off with a drive across the island, followed by a visit to the temple of high kitsch that is the Teddy Bear museum.  This astonishing tourist trap includes dioramas showing teddy bears re-enact key events from the 20th century, including the Titanic, the D-day Normandy landings, the moon landing, tearing down the Berlin wall, the terracotta warriors, the coronation ...  It has to be seen to be believed. 



Following this, the cliffs of Jusangjeolli were slightly disappointing, being not a patch on the Giants Causeway in N Ireland.  The equally not very mysterious road and obligatory ships tour expensive souvenir shop finished off a soft, dank day.