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Kagoshima is a city at the foot of Kyushu.  If is often compared to Naples due to the large and active volcano (Sakurajima) just across the bay.  (It's not clouds in the second picture...)

Once again, the ship docked a few miles outside town and provided a free shuttle into the centre.  This time we walked from the shuttle to the town harbour (around 15 minutes), and caught the local ferry across to Sakurajima (buying the local Cute card for all day public transport usage).  Once there, we walked one way along the 2 mile Nagisa Lava Trail, and then caught the local island view bus on around the island back to the pier via a few viewpoints.  We also visited the visitor information centre / museum before catching the ferry back to the mainland.  As we had then run out of time, we headed straight back to the ship without investigating the town centre.


Once again on departure we had dock side entertainment.  This time it was the astonishing Little Cherries junior high school jazz band.