Ulster Grand Prix
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After the success of the Southern 100, we decided that another Road Racing break was on the cards, and the obvious next meeting to attend was the Ulster Grand Prix.

Held just north of Belfast on roads near Dundrod, it is allegedly the fastest road race in the world, with a lap record of less than 3 minutes 19 seconds over a 7.4 mile circuit - an average speed of just under 134mph on public roads.  While the damp weather this year meant that those speeds were not (quite) reached, we still had a great time, whether wandering around the paddock, standing in fields at the side of the track or dodging the rain!

We witnessed some superb and highly skilled racing, with the man of the meeting undoubtedly being 3 time winner Michael Dunlop.  Below are some of the resulting pictures we took, with many more available on flickr.