Southern 100 - 2011
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In July 2011, we booked a short holiday break on the Isle of Man, a place Kate had never been to, and Dave only once before when he was 7.  One of the things that the Isle of Man is most famous for is motor cycle road racing, and it was only after we had booked that we realised that our dates coincided with the Southern 100 road races.  Well, that was a fortunate opportunity not to be missed ...

We wandered down to watch practice on Monday night, and after a hike through a field and over a few gates, found a suitable wall to sit on.  We then spent the rest of the evening watching the various classes pass us by - at a distance of around 1 meter and three figure speeds.

Having enjoyed the first night, we then went back on the second ... and the third ... and on race day.  And will probably go again...  Enjoy the resulting pictures!