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We arrived in Barcelona a day before the cruise was due to leave, so we had one evening and the following morning to fill.

The original plan was to go to Parc de Montjuic and see the Magic Fountain, but when we got there it was closed, presumably for maintenance.  However, there was a large crowd of people threading though the trees, so we decided to follow them and see what was going on.  It turned out to be a free Moroccan rock concert in the old Olympic stadium!  Never having heard any Moroccan rock music before, we can now report that it sounded like a cross between modern rap, early Police and  Jamaican reggae, which actually isn't as bad a mix as it sounds!


The following morning, we decided to go and visit the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona's iconic church designed by Gaudi, and still being built after 100 years.  There is some very strange architecture there which makes you wonder quite what Gaudi was smoking (and where do you buy it), but it's still a remarkable building with a great view over Barcelona.