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After we disembarked, we had a few hours to spare before our flight left Vancouver airport for home.  We decided to take a minibus tour of Vancouver.  These are some of the pictures about town that we took that day.

It's a long way down ...

26_10.JPG (82545 bytes)

It's a long way home ...

26_20.JPG (66950 bytes)

Transport in Stanley Park

26_30.JPG (88671 bytes)

A City by the Water

26_40.JPG (78959 bytes)


The Vancouver Pervert

One other, less welcome sight, became known on the bus as "the Vancouver Pervert".  Do you know this man?  The Vancouver police do now.  The tour guide took incredible pains to point out that this was a first for her as well!

The following pictures were taken around Hemlock at 12:09 on Sunday 24th August, 2003.

Pictures Here