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One of the highlights of the trip was a whale watching expedition at Juneau.  The trip was booked independently of the cruise company with Orca Enterprises, and is highly recommended.

These are just some of the many photographs we took ...

The Awesome Orca

23_10.JPG (59065 bytes)


Harbor Seals on a navigation buoy.

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The first Humpbacked Whale

23_30.JPG (41416 bytes)


Incoming - Orca!

In these waters, the chances of seeing Orca (aka Killer Whales) is only 15% at this time of the year.

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Boats are not allowed to approach within 100 yards of whales.  However, if the whale decides to come closer to you when your engines are switched off...  These Orca approached to within around 4 yards of the stationary boat.

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Humpbacked Whales

Once again, the 100 yard law applies.  Once again, the whales didn't seem to have heard of it ...

23_60.JPG (44535 bytes)


23_70.JPG (59821 bytes)

Going down ...

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