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Revelstoke is a fairly small railway town, located between the spectacular Selkirk and Monashee Mountains.  Kate and I have been here before, and for no good solid reason the town appeals to us a lot.  We're still not sure whether it's the National Park on the doorstep, the appeal of the railway lines, the fact that every time we've been here there has been live music in the evenings in the town square (Grizzly Plaza), or a combination of all three ...

For the train spotters amongst you, this is CPR locomotive #5468.  One of the largest locomotives ever used on CPR lines.  She is currently restored and on display in the Revelstoke Railway Museum.

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These next shots were all taken in Mt. Revelstoke National Park.  At this time of the year, the alpine flowers are in full bloom.

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The slightly pained expression is due to an annoying buzzing insect that just wouldn't respect a photographer ...

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A much more relaxed expression, due to the lack of buzzing insects this time.

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