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Day 5 of our holiday was a full day's sightseeing in Vienna.  We started off with some time on the coach, followed by walking around the city centre, seeing the sights, including the stables of the famous Spanish Riding School.  They were preparing for a black tie do to be held in the stables that evening - a rather surreal sight!




The afternoon involved initially getting lost in the coach (!), and eventually finding the magnificent Schonbrunn Palace.  No pictures from the inside, but it's well worth spending time in the formal rooms and gardens.

Later, as Kate was starting to flag in the heat, she took an early night while Dave went wandering around Vienna at night with his camera, and ate one of the best hot-dogs of his life!


Off all the cities that we visited on this trip, Vienna is the city that we are most likely to pay a return visit to in the near future.  There is a lot to see and do there that we just didn't have time for on this holiday.  Finally, just look at the entrance door of our hotel!