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This was our second time cruising to Naples.  The previous trip we had spent at Pompeii, and this time we wanted to climb Mount Vesuvius.  As it turned out, the most convenient way to do this was to take the ships combined tour of Pompeii and Vesuvius.  We spend the morning in a drizzly Pompeii, and due to its size saw a lot of different places than our last visit.  For some reason, this time our guide was very keen to show us the "House of Pleasure", and much less keen on amphitheatres and mosaics!




After a quick lunch, we then took the coach most of the way up Mount Vesuvius, and walked the rest.  This was still a fairly strenuous 20 minute, 200m (660 ft) vertical climb, as it is fairly steep and on volcanic sand.  The view at the top was variable, due to the low cloud, and there was also a small smell of sulphur.